Take pills through breakthrough bleeding

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Here is a question: Do I keep taking my pills through breakthrough bleeding?

You should continue to take pills in order to avoid irregular bleeding and reduce risks of pregnancy. It has typical side effect that your body chemistry and artificial chemicals were messed up ,So you need to modify your body cycle.Your bleeding and spotting will be reduced slowly till disappeared. Different birth-control pills have different taking ways.If taking monophonic pills, you can eat them directly and there is no problem to skip your placebos However if you’re taking tri-phasic pills, breakthrough bleeding is very common phenomenon.you will get various hormone levels in the whole month. You need to take around three months better.If you want to skip this period, you should ask for your seasonal or seasonqiue doctor. I take that pill. When our body is used to this pill, bleeding will disappear accordingly. You need to take 21 pills continuously and stop 7 days in order not to affect your pregnancy system.After 7 days, you can go on to take pills again.