Good reasons to make your own wine

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Most people who like wine have never seriously considered making their own, but making wine is an interesting and enjoyable hobby which is actually surprisingly easy, and which offers many advantages over buying wine from the store.

The most obvious advantage is that it saves money. The start up equipment is fairly inexpensive, and the final product will probably cost less than a dollar a bottle. Making wine is therefore a great way to enjoy one of life’s pleasures without breaking the budget, and to save on expenses for special occasions such as weddings.

Making wine can also save time. Since it is usually made in five gallon batches, each batch will provide 20 bottles of wine to keep conveniently on hand. Making several batches of different wines will produce a veritable wine cellar, doing away with the need to make special trips to the store for something to serve guests, to take to a party, or to give as a gift.

In addition, having a ready supply of wine on hand will allow the winemaker to easily enjoy the known health benefits of drinking a glass of wine a day. These include a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, and the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

The home winemaker can also control the content of the wine. It can be made as dry or as sweet, as strong or as light as taste dictates. Store-bought wine probably come from a vineyard that has been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, and many additives are used in commercial wine which are not listed on the label, including sulphites, enzymes, tannin, tartaric acid, and gum arabic to name a few. Homemade wine therefore offers a great advantage to anyone who wishes to go organic, is generally concerned about their intake of harmful chemicals, or who has a sulphite allergy.

Homemade wine is not only healthier, but may actually taste better than store bought wine. And if a batch does not turn out as well as expected, that is not a problem because it can always be used for cooking.

A fun aspect of making wine at home is the opportunity to experiment with different fruit. Wine can be made from any fruit, and each different fruit wine has its own unique flavor. It is also possible to make surprisingly delicious wine by trying out different fruit blends.

In addition, wine making can provide opportunities to use fruit from bumper garden crops that would otherwise go to waste. That apple tree that is particularly loaded this year, those raspberry canes that keep producing berries faster than you can eat them, or even a lawn covered with dandelion flowers are a tempting opportunity for the wine hobbyist.  And when people discover one of their neighbors is making wine with excess fruit, they may even pass their surplus on; all of which will reduce the basic production cost to nothing more than the expense of sugar and yeast.

Wine making is a hobby that provides something to share with and impress friends, a topic of conversation, and a great sense of achievement.