Fosters Lager

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It was a lovely balmy night last night and so I went to visit my neighbour. We sat in her garden and her husband offered me a beer, now I don’t usually drink for the sake of it but it was such a nice night and we had had such fun that I ended up nursing a can of Fosters and a half pint glass.

Fosters is the lager my late husband used to drink so I recognised the can but cannot say I’ve ever tasted it myself before. Upon opening the can you will hear the sort of fizzing noise that makes you think the drink is going to be bubbly and refreshing, perfect for after such a warm day as today.

The reality is very different though. This is one of the worst drinks I have ever tasted, it has an extremely attractive colour when poured and has a decent head but as a drink it is absolutely foul. There is a strong lager taste, which is to be expected really, and not very much else at all. It is such a bland drink that you will find you cannot taste anything other than the cheap lager it is. It has a horrible smell as well, as soon as my nose got anywhere near the glass there was a vile synthetic hoppy scent. I don’t like it at all.

Fosters has not got any of the crisp refreshing flavours of other lagers, and even people such as myself who don’t drink lager will certainly know the difference between a good lager and a bad one. This is definitely a bad one.  Fosters will not leave you feeling refreshed after drinking and it is gassy to the point that you will probably need to burp after every two or three sips, it also has the effect of leaving the drinker feeling very thirsty afterwards – and you may have to embarrass yourself by asking for a glass of water after you’ve drunk a third of your glass of lager.

Fosters has an alcohol content of 4.9% but it tastes much weaker than that because of the bland and insipid taste of the lager. If I had to compare it to another brand I would say it’s similar to cans of Carling, except with an even more appalling flavour.  As expected, Fosters is one of the cheapest lagers you can buy with 4 cans costing just £3 usually and this is probably why it’s Fosters cans that litter the streets now that other lagers have increased in price in line with inflation – Fosters and Carling are the only ones kids can afford!