A Guide to Finding Low Alcohol Content Wines

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Drinking alcohol, or certainly wine has always been associated with a social life or at the very least with a good meal and so it would be a pity to have to go completely without it. But unfortunately, while even the doctors say that a glass of red wine a day can actually be beneficial to one’s circulatory system including the heart, more than this can not only be detrimental to one’s liver and other parts of the body but certainly detrimental to your purse if you get caught by the police driving over the limit.

For those people who are into beer, there is nowadays a way around this problem which is to consume non-alcoholic beer but unfortunately for those that only like wine they have yet to produce a non alcoholic wine that is drinkable. Well to be factual, one could drink it but the taste has got so little to do with a good glass of wine that you’re better off not even bothering!.

Though having said all this, one can indeed lessen the danger of excessive alcohol consumption, if not completely, by opting for wines with a low alcohol content.

To give a rough guide, the richer woodier wines which the experts consider are the best wines, but this is not necessarily true in all cases, have an alcohol content of around 18% which literally means that 18 ml out of the 100 ml in the bottle is pure alcohol. This is quite a lot of alcohol content and so more than one glass of this sort of wine would for sure get your head feeling a little light and make your reflexes react a little slower!

But to go to the other end of the scale there are a few wines that can be found on the market with an alcohol content of as little as 9% which is a fantastic reduction of half the alcohol content. One glass of this sort of wine will do less harm to your liver and is just the right amount of alcohol to make you relax and enjoy yourself a little but without going over the top in any way. The other great thing is that if you really wanted to or because you were at a long party, you could even indulge in two glasses of this type of wine (as two glasses of this lower alcohol content equals one glass of higher alcohol content) and still be within the limits to drive.

Most often these wines with such a low alcohol content are referred to as table wines and so when you want to look for them in your super market or wine store it is usually the ‘table wine’ section that you should direct yourself towards.

All wines have the alcohol content marked on the label on the bottle. You will see the sign ‘alc. 18% Vol’ or what ever percentage it is, with the word ‘alc’ before it and the word ‘Vol’. after it. So always search for the lowest amount such as 9% or 10%.

You will find nowadays that even in restaurants, some low alcohol content wines will probably be kept in stock and so always ask the waiter if you can order one of those bottles to drink.

Hopefully in the future low alcohol volume wines will be further perfected and more produced and especially if the demand for such wines becomes greater due to the ever increasing restrictions on alcohol consumption.

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